The story of Twan Bolderman

A young lad with just one goal in mind: to use lightning as a source of energy. But Twan wanted too much and wanted it too fast, just like others in society. He lost sight of the risks and dangers, which eventually led to his horrific death.

Twan was a fictional character which was designed to illustrate to us and today’s society that the way in which we treat each other now should not become the standard.

We like to believe. So much so that we choose to believe in something faster than we should. If we would take a step back and think about what can go wrong, then we shall see the possible dangers.

In contemporary society, we ‘people’ are spoiled by the speed of events. All techniques are becoming faster and it’s the heyday of globalization. That speed lets us yearn to all that is possible, but it also makes us aware of what we are as a society. Just think about youth unemployment, the immigration issue, global terrorism et cetera. Because of this speed, people want these problems to be solved immediately, despite the consequences.

With this hoax, I try to show that speed isn’t always positive. In our quest to always be faster, we don’t see the faults and consequences anymore. The dangers in our society run the risk of becoming issues which we ‘store’ to deal with later. When it has gone completely wrong, society will look at these issues and say ‘if only…, where did it go wrong?’

Before we make a choice, however big or small, first think carefully about what the consequences might be. Not only for yourself, but also for the future generations.

Let Twan Bolderman be a lesson, before it is too late.

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