The power of lightning

Lightning is one of the most powerful things we know, but it’s also something that we don’t fully understand. If we knew the full potential of lightning we would already use it as a power source and don’t waste al its energy.

Trough some research I’ve calculated that if we could harvest only a small part of one lightning strike we could power an average house for more than a month.

One single lightning strike is enough to fully charge an electric car for 33.750 times.

Researches have found out that an average lightning strike produces about 5 to 200 kiloampere and voltages vary from 40 to 120 kilovolt, which is about 2.700.000 watt-hour. An average household uses approximately 48.000 watt-hour per day. So with one single lightning strike we could power an average household for 56 days.

If you count for the fact that there are 100 lightning strikes every second, which is 8 million strikes a day, which is 2,9 billion strikes a year. You would have enough power to power 163,5 billion households for a day!

Lightning as a power source

I’m starting this vlog because I want to share my dream. To use triggered lightning as a power source. From when I was a small child I was amazed by lightning. I could watch thunderstorms for hours or sit in front of the tv for days on end watching a lightning documentary.

In the upcoming months I want to take you along on my dream to use triggered lightning as a power source. I will show you what I’m working on, how I think it is going to work and hopefully be able to test my first working prototype.

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